Tired of buying plastic water bottles? Simply refill, on the go.

Join the revolution and help us cut down on single-use plastic waste in Barcelona. One bottle at a time.

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15 million tourists per year

The plastic problem We're drowning in a sea of plastic

Welcoming more than 15 million tourists per year, Barcelona's coastline is the second largest area of plastic pollution in the Mediterranean, with at least 50 tons of plastic present on its seabed.

Plastic bottles, cigarette butts, and other mismanaged single-use plastic waste makes its way to the Balearic Sea and ends up in the Atlantic Ocean, where it poses a serious threat to marine ecosystems.

What's more, it enters our food chain and into out everyday meals. Not sure about you, but we definitely prefer our Pulpo a la Gallega without a side of plastic.

How do we stop this madness?

By recycling? Sure. But given only ~30% of plastic is recycled in Barcelona now, the best thing to do might be to eliminate the problem at the source.

This is precisely why we created Refill Aqua. We are on a mission to reduce plastic pollution: one bottle at a time. All of us can make a difference collectively, if we dare to give it a try. Care to join us?

Refill your bottle Cut down on plastic waste. And ditch that single-use plastic bottle!

Refill your bottle with filtered water on the go.

Simply look for our friendly sticker on your neighborhood shop or restaurant windows or find a station near you on our app, wherever you are in Barcelona.

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Add your refill station Own a business in Barcelona? Drive change with us!

If you're concerned about plastic pollution as much as we are, why not join our community of like-minded, environmentally-friendly businesses around Barcelona who all have the same goal in mind: to build sustainable solutions and drastically reduce plastic waste?

Offer drinkable, filtered water and put our friendly sticker on your shop window. In exchange, you get to:

Raise Awareness

Raise Awareness

Be added to our map of eco-friendly businesses and raise awareness among new customers.

Get Noticed

Get Noticed

Receive more foot traffic to your business.



Truly live the eco values you preach.

Take Care of Our Planet

Take Care of Our Planet

Be a pioneer in the battle against plastic in Barcelona.

If you don't have a way to filter water yet, no worries! We're collaborating with a few filter providers and we'll help you set up.

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